Friends of Silver Falls Interpretive Walks
Guided Walks & Hikes at Silver Falls State Park
There is more to a visit at Silver Falls State Park
than the beautiful waterfalls and forest trails.
The entire family can enjoy talks and walks about flowers,
marshes, birds and the history of the park as offered
by interpretive volunteers who are members of the
Friends of Silver Falls State Park,
(Primarily from spring to early fall, call first)
With antique photo booklets in hand, Lou Nelson leads visitors
on A Walk through History, an hour walk through the parks
historic area. She explains the history of the park and the
historic buildings. Visitors walk through the South Falls Lodge,
the Combination Building and the Log Cabin. There is an
eight-minute film with historic footage as part of the walk. Lou
leads her walks on Tuesdays at 2:00 in the afternoon.
Earl McCollum takes visitors on A Walk in the Mist Zone each
Thursday afternoon at 2:00. His walk showcases plants that
are blooming in the park and explains interesting facts such
as which plants are edible or poisonous, and how to recognize
different species. “People are surprised by the number and
variety of wildflowers in the park. They are also interested to
learn the difference in the flowers between the streamside habitat and upper
forest habitat that we cover in the hike,” says Earl. His hike is about two miles and
takes two hours (starts early spring through early fall).
Bill Stoddard is available for special demonstrations and talks
on the local Native American history. His talks describe much of
their use of natural materials and plants that comprised their
everyday life. Please call to arrange for a talk or demonstration.
Patti Lindquist provides a variety of informative talks or walks
about our forest friends and plants along the trails. She can be
found in the campground area some weeks and in the South
Falls historic district other times. Please check schedules
around the park or call the Interpreter's office at 503-874-0201.
Patti's walks generally begin in the morning (10:30-11:00 a.m.)
on Wednesdays.

                                                                                         For Further Information

    To answer any questions about the hikes or make group arrangements, call the Friends of Silver Falls State Park
    at 503-873-8735. To learn more about all the state park’s interpretive activities, go to the Oregon Parks and
    Recreation Department’s website at 210.php for a weekly schedule. To get other
    information, call Interpretive Park Ranger at 503-874-0201.  Or contact The Friends of Silver Falls by email: