Silver Falls State Park
Civilian Conservation Corps
Interpretive Information
"Conservation of our natural resources
and conservation of our human
resources, BOTH are sound
investments for the FUTURE."

- Franklin D. Roosevelt
1. North Falls Group Camp
The enrollees stayed in Barracks located here.
They awoke to a trumpet each morning—bright
and early! On July 1, 2007 a memorial statue was
dedicated to commemorate the hard work of
the C.C.C.

2. Youth Camp/Camp Silver Creek
Completed in 1939, the cabins you see today are
the original buildings built by the C.C.C. Does
this rustic style look familiar? Many other parks
across the Nation were built in this Adirondack style
by the C.C.C. ( Crater Lake, Camp David,
Timberline, among others).

3. Historic South Falls Lodge
Completed in 1940, beautiful South Falls Lodge is
among the original structures built by the C.C.C.
The lodge was hand built with raw materials
taken from the park. The tables you see today
were constructed with two Myrtle Wood trees
(California Laurel). They were designed by
Margery Hoffman Smith, a W.P.A. employee who
also decorated the interior of Timberline Lodge.
The South Falls Lodge served as a restaurant
from 1946 to late 1950’s when it was closed. It
was restored and re-opened in 1978.

4. Historic Log Cabin
The Log Cabin was initially built by the C.C.C. as
the original Lodge. Today the Log cabin is currently
the home of the Nature Store. Just like the Lodge,
the raw materials that made this cabin were taken
from the park.

5. Historic Stone Shelter
Located adjacent to the Lodge, the historic stone
shelter is undergoing restoration. A skilled stone
mason, restoration carpenters, and team of park
employees are restoring the shelter using the
same techniques they used 70+ years ago.

6. Trail of Ten Falls/Canyon Trail
The C.C.C. laid this nationally recognized trail
using hand tools, muscle and heart! If you enjoy
hiking, waterfalls and rushing rivers this trail is a
great way to spend a few hours in awe!
After the stock market crash of 1929 a quarter of the American population
was unemployed, marking an infamous era known as the Great Depression.
When President Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected in 1933 he enacted a slew
of social programs known as "The New Deal." Among these programs the
Civilian Conservation Corps (C.C.C.) was born.
Here at Silver Falls State Park, C.C.C. State Park No. 9 was put to work in
1935 building the infrastructures of the park we know today. Until 1942, there
were 200 enrollees living and working at our park. The men stayed in
barracks located at the current North Falls Group Camp. They constructed
roads, trails (Canyon Trail), parking areas, rock walls, fire breaks, bridges,
stairs, power and telephone lines, fences, picnic shelters, Silver Creek Youth
Camp, South Falls Lodge, and Log Cabin. The park was logged heavily in the
late 1800’s. The trees you see today are only about 70 years old, they are
the product of the C.C.C. boys, who planted over 1 million trees!

Take a hike, enjoy the splendor of the falls, the abundance of green forest,
the fresh air—THANK the boys of the C.C.C, whose hard work built our park
on merely a dollar a day!
C.C.C. at Silver Falls State Park 1935-1942